Hologram-Like LED Light USB-Powered Fan Clock

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You know you want this. Once in a while, a simple contraption comes to market that just makes you wonder why no one ever came up with the concept faster, and you just want the thing for yourself.

This wonder gadget is a whole bunch of concepts rolled into one, and you’ll absolutely love it.

It’s an LED clock fan that connects to any standard USB port and gives you that relaxing breeze while directing the LED lights in a way that it gives you a clear semblance of a clock like a hologram that floats in mid-air, but based on the LED in the fan blades so there is absolutely no expensive or delicate technology involved.

It looks like a hologram of a clock suspended in mid-air. Amazing!

Connect it to your computer, laptop or phone’s USB port and get that fresh breeze, or leave it to show the clock so you can always tell the time, and even if you don’t need that, can just marvel at its technical wizardry, or just impress your friends.

The spinning LED lights even show the holographic-like clock’s hands move to give you accurate time. It’s a great office, friend or family gift and uses safe and soft PVC fan blades with a power switch. What more could you ask for?

It’s a fan. It’s an LED light show. It’s a clock (and a good one). It’s a visual joy to watch like a holographic display, without the cost. And it’s powered via a USB port and you can easily adjust its neck to any direction for maximum effect and blowing pleasure. It even costs less than ten bucks so get yours and use it for yourself or as a great gift.



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Type: : USB Fan Clock with LED

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