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About Heavage.com

Heavage is a curated marketplace for the distinguished gentleman. We handpick the very items we love to use ourselves, and choose curiously stylish menswear, cool accessories, fun toys for men aged 18 to 118, or simple items that ooze power and charm like a secret agent that will leave you feeling like wanting to introduce yourself to strangers by your last name first, including if it happens to be Bond.

We started as an internal project of InstaStartups, a digital agency that specializes in developing (online) eCommerce properties and SEO for clients, that just grew to a life of its own after applying the methods, deploying the assets and implementing the techniques we use in training and advising clients in making their online stores successful.

The word started as a play on “cleavage for men” (thus, he-avage), that may sound like it denotes a catering to bodybuilding gym buffs when in reality is made for the everyday man with the animal instinct and inner savage that knows what he wants, enjoys searching and discovering new things, and does not wait for life to instruct him what to do, but instead– by George– dictates and demands of life what he deserves.

It’s a place where men (and the ladies who gift them) can find items targeted specifically for the dapper gentleman or one who wants to show his inner caveman, instead of just a regular store that happens to have items that men can wear.

So grab from our carefully picked selection that is always growing, and enjoy the adventure.